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no written a post in 2 months. ūüė¶

it sounds a bit arrogant to say ‘Ive been too busy’ but it has been hard to find the time to write more shite on top of (in no particular order) work (including a fair bit of overtime), quite a lot of 5s, getting house sorted, Budapest (lots of booze), a mad night in the West End, a mad night at Firewater/Stevens/Ross’s, ill for a week, arranging mortage, to prestwick to continue the sort of my dads business, a few sophisticated evenings out, a mad night at Jamie Fs, a mad night in town then again at Jamie Fs, a mad night at Jamie Ms, a day at Kelvingrove, a trip to Colours, a mad night in town then at Boyles, a mad night in Yates’s, online champ about 8 hours a week (forza Inter), a mad night in Sauchiehall St, emm what else, well if anyone is reading this, u already know about most of that shit, nothing too spectaular but a steady stream of stuff, plus its been no bad weather so why not enjoy it… fuck sake that was all one sentence! Weird.

The main problem with this is, no-one really wants to read my written pish, they want to hear music and see photos etc. For this reason i might set up a myspace page, although i dont like the fact that you have to be a member to view most of the content. I also dunno what the upload speeds are like, its that which has prevented me putting more photos at FlickR/PhotoBucket – either i upload massive photos and it takes ages, or i reduce the sizes beforehand which takes so long i lose interest. So if myspace is like that, i might not bother cos it’ll be another dead venture.

Well i move house on 29/30 September, i u wanna give me a hand to move gies a shout, otherwise ur welcome round me and debbies flat BY INVITATION.
Im hoping to get broadband set up in my flat ASAP, so i have it all cosy and organised for the winter. Should be cool, new place, Champions League, big-screen TV, nights in wi debs, formal socialising LOL, leisureware and matching luggage, a three-piece suit on hire purchase in a range of fuckin fabrics etc… the point is, then i can go on the net to update whatever on a regular basis, and can continue the rapid progress of online champ (forza Inter).

In the first week of october theres a JohnDigweed night at the arches and scotland v france at hampden (which is now gonna be a mile from my flat, and half-a-mile from my mums new flat) on the same night! That was also gonna be my housewarming, might get it another weekend, might not go to Arches, i’ll decide in the next week or so.

After that, might go to Inverness in October if possible, 28th is paintball then drunkenness for boyles birthday, then 3 days later Amsterdam! Then probly a bit of a comedown but soon its my birthday then the christmas madness begins! Also got a fair few holidays from work set up, should be cool.

Well at least ive done another blog entry. long, rambling, no multimedia, no interesting comment, if youve got to the bottom, sorry for wasting your time!

Oh happy birthday Duncan (my bro) – 21 today!! I wont be at his crazy party this year due to work, the last two years have been memorably horrific (his mates arent heavy drinkers so when they go for it, its teenage-style chaos, excellent!) but im gonna hide my shit and leave you guys to it! Who am i talking to, no-one reads this!?

Ciao for now



reviews on the way

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hey loyal reader(s?)…

in the next few days there’ll be a review of italy day-by-day wi pics and of the World Cup as i saw it.¬† The house is still a wreck but the garage is being slowly gutted.¬† We have ‘confirmation’ which is a sort of made-up will, so we can prove to the insurance companies that we are the ppl for my dad’s shit.¬† 2 weeks we shd be able to make rapier-like thrusts into the housing market and cut em down like dogs!

Incidentallt went to Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – no bad, i thot the best bit wat the make-up on Depp/Sparrow’s eyes, looked like he was sataring with eyes closed!¬† Not eactly a new concept but very cleverly realised! Story was the expected nonsense, even i am a better swordfighter than Elizabeth/Keira, and thats saying something (or nothing, i dunno how it works with negative statements…?)

We also went to the Lighthouse, thot iot wd have more, a Macintosh exhiibion that I’ve seen before, a Meurer exhibition showing how shit his architecture was, and a viewing platform that is barely over the rooftops.¬† Went to Bastille Taverne, the french pub, nice grub, no been in the evening but looks cool

out at Fury Murrys for Susie’s real¬† birthday, funny shit, pics of that also to follow
online champ has begun ater 6 years of plotting, the dream is here!! Forza Inter!!¬† Progress will follow…

Still not spoke to  Lynsey but will do tmoro, time to kill night shift, dont have it but will make time!  Also Paul is going to Holland!! Crazy move from a crazy guy!

If anyone reading this went to T in the Park, send ur thots this way! Sounds like it was amazing but soggy…?

last thing the now, Boyle got a mini-Mega Drive console for £7 that plays StreetFighter2, soooo good.  Im shit but win the occasional bout, suits me fine, underdog with nothing to lose etc.
Awright really alst thing, my work r playing cops from paisley on Saturday (22nd) proble at 6pm, we might be strugglin for players so if anyone that read this would like to play let me know, u know my details!

neglecting blog again

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aye, tis been a week since ive written anythin.  Nae wonder no-one bothers to look at the thing anymore, still, lwast that means Im no spendin all my time on the fuckin computer!

So whats happened?¬† Em well that night out for Lynsey and Grant at Kushion was a good rammy, I was pished before we got in due to the England game, we had a room to ourselves for a fair bit, then they opened it up so all the poser goons got in, and our folk that were there after 10pm had to pay, boo!¬† The music was crap, i think, dont remember but other folk were not impressed, I think if the place is considered a club it is shit for us but as a pub (i.e. free) to get rekt in, its quite good.¬† We had a bit outside to smoke and bring the booze tho, so that was cool.¬† Photos to follow, but need to get those photos and the good hliday ones from Debbie.¬† To be continued…
Grant and Lynsey are now gone, Grant is going to Czech Republic tday after spending a mad first few days in Poland.¬† Lynsey, I presume, is in Australia but no spoke to her since she left!¬† So, hi guys, hope to speak to u soon – Grant, fuckin hope i speak to u soon man, we’re meeting up in Hungary!¬† But u know that, and so duz everyone else who reads this blog…um, both of u…since i mention it every time cos im so BORING!¬† And also because i forget what i’ve written the day before so just repeat myself by spouting the same shite which i think is random at the time but is, in fact, the same idiotic shite that has been in my heid for a week or more.¬† Doh!
Was looking up glasgow survival again, I’m sure you’ve all seen it, a class site slagging neds in a constructive way, the neds quite like it themselves, and the ones that don’t send in ranting insults in broken webspeak or pictures of themselves in their Berghaus jaikets, giving the guy the finger, which just gives him more material for the site!

Anyway, one of the links (which had very little to do with Glasgow but who cares) was for a mad (really mad!) Flash animation and I found that it is only one of a whole cult of these things called Funimations.  I didnt investigate the whole point of it too much but the jist is these uys who re skilful at Flash get a weird foreign song (usually Dutch or German, it hink cos it sounds like English), make up words which sound a bit like the lyrics and make up a nonsensical story then collect wacky images and put it all together, the results are odd but very creative and amusing!  Gandalf in a bunny suit for example, and Zippy from Rainbow in Vietnam!  The first one seem sto have been a piss-take of Pokemon based on one of their weird songs in Japanese.  Others seem to have music made by folk involved in the animation, but I didnt like them as much because it meant that the silliness was abit contrived, rather than just bieng invented to fit in with the chosen song, which was already a little bit silly on its own.  Get me?  No?  Tough shit.

The site is here, look for the list on the right, ‘Top -30 Rated’.¬† the first animutation i saw is still the best I think, called French Erotic Film.¬† The title has nothing to do with the content, the animation is about Colin Mochrie (from Whose Line Is It Anyway) fighting a plastic Jesus for…some reason.¬† It makes no sense but is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!¬† Having said that, I have only watched it after coming off the night shift, so I think the more numb ur brain is, the better you will like it, if u r feeling sharp and try to analyse it, it might just make u feel odd.¬† Have¬† browse thru, they take a wee whilto load but some are fnatastic, I also really like ‘Hyakugojyuuichi Forever!!‘, ‘Earth VS Funk‘ and ‘Plan 9 From Underpants

Sadly, another thing which has amused me,, is coming to an end – well, not the site itself but the end of Limmy’s World Tour blog, in which he shared photos from his holiday to, amongst other places, Thailand, Australia, Japan and USA (altho I only got into reading it halfway thru) and posted so really funny and observant topics about things he had seen or just things on his mind.¬† I was pleased to be able to contribute, tho i think my posts killed the buzz of some of the topics.¬† Never mind.¬† The blog will be ending cos Limmy and his grilfriend are coming home to Glasgow, and hopefully will make some new wacky animations etc soon.¬† I keep metioning it on here but I had a look at that blog every few days, always entertained me, and was the main inspiration for starting this, not that i want to be just like Limmy (he duz make me do a sex wee tho) but just the hope that I could make something funny too.

God I love the Internet, it’s so weird!!


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well clearly those pics have not worked out right.  Cannae b arsed fixing it right now, i refer anyone who wants a look to the Photobucket site.

Basically u will see on that site that the photos r very large, thought i cd reduce the size for showing em on here but clearly not.¬† For neatness i shd probly remove the ‘half-pics’ of the last post but im toooo lazy.

Ciao for now.


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hey thar, thats us back in Glasgow, it was raining when we arrived back of course.¬† Not to get too moany tho, wd rather just talk about Italy, which was class… Mind u, i do better talking about the bad things than the good.¬† i can only think of a few bad things – Debbie had to give up and head back to the hotel when we were watching football on a plasma screen at the beach, otherwise she would have burned to a crisp;¬† we cdnt find any proper nightclubs in the resort, weird;¬† the cleaners kept trying to get us up and out the room at 9am every day;¬† the air-con in the room didnt work;¬† we ran out of batteries for the camera when we were on the gondola in Venice, so only got a few shady pics wi me phone;¬† and one of Debs’s bags got lost on the flights back, and at this stage is still lost, tho will hopefully show up over the next few days.¬† Emm…think thats all the bad things! Got the photos of my camera but most of the good pics were on Debbies camera anyway (the camera was not in the AWOL bag btw), below are a few photos ive put on the Photobucket site for Italy (click here for them all)

Gazzetta della Sport in Treviso


view of Venice as we come in on the wee boat-bus

our hotel in Jesolo – can u spot the wee Saltire on the balcony?

Debbie likes wine…especially out a big ceramic jug!

well thats enough photos for the now.¬† Dunno if anyone is even looking at this site any more.¬† When i get the rest of the pics from Debs i’ll put a wee note round remindi9ng folk to check back.

BTW Susie, sorry we missed ur party, the pics r mad, sounded fuckin crazy. Aw well, i wd put up some of the photos fae ur night on here but I wasnt there so that wd b odd!

Also Boyle n Jamie, hope uz enjoyed the WHW, yes i will loan u the cable for d/l but first i wanna get the photos off my phone, its acting up a bit the now!

Lynsey/Grants party tmoro (or is it tday now?!) in the town, another exuse for getting crazy and taking more stooopit photos!¬† To be continued…

Arrividerci Italia! Ciao Glasgow!

PS Read the whole of the ‘Calcio’ book i got about Italian fitba whilst i was iover there.¬† Italians are crazy crazy folk!

plenty photos coming soon

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thats great, i can actually get photos on here and liven the thing up a bit!

it duz take a fair amount of time putting them on FlickR tho. Think i will try to upload pics in categories and, where its getting ridiculous, just link to the FlickR albums instead of showing em on here.

Now i want to stay up and put up more photos! I also want a cigarette but since im going to bed soon whats the point?

this might b my last post b4 italy.¬† Expect lots more shite when i get back, and lots and lots of photies!¬† Then when im home its Grant and Lynsey’s going away party (Grant to Poland for 2 months, Lyns to Australia for 1 year!), World Cup Qtrs, then work, then World Cup final (or T in the park for some folk…do u know they r not gonna b able 2 watch te match cos of spiteful organisers?¬† Boo hiss, the tickets r bought, no-one’s¬† gonna want a refund cos the footballs on so why not let them watch it?), then a few weeks hopefully involving sunny weather, then get my dads car and business sorted out (with luck!) then to Budapest! Then a new house soon after i come back!

That’s the plan.¬† Enquiries continue.

See yis in two weeks!


my god it worked!

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im actuallyquite excited by that development.  All i need to do is upload a photo to FlickR, open a new window and drag the photo into the post frame on the blog, then it appears! Something actually working for once!

 A whole world of possibilities awaits.  Lets try another…

thats Dunk's college in Cambridge.  He looks stressed cos he had about 30 things to do in a day when we were there.  Meanwhile i was doing the tourist bit, buying beer for his mates and taking unneccessary photos!